Lelièvre Paris

Since 1914, four generations of Lelièvre have passed on their passion for precious fabrics. Maison Lelièvre is faithful to French style and its collections are an intrinsic part of the world of luxury decor.

Since its mohair velvet launched in the 1930s, the Maison has been creating, weaving and editing collections with the same passion for fabrics and the preservation of exceptional savoir-faire. Technical developments in Trevira CS for the hospitality industry and the acquisition of Lyon’s oldest silk manufacturer, Tassinari & Chatel, marked the 1990s. With the arrival of Emmanuel Lelièvre in 2009, the family business took on a new momentum, structured around a trio of strong brands: Lelièvre Paris (1914), Tassinari & Chatel (1680) and Quenin (1865).


Today, Lelièvre is one of the few companies to have two weaving manufactures in France, located in the Loire region near Lyon, the cradle of French textile know-how. A hand-weaving workshop, an ancestral technique, renowned for its “Jacquard” looms, perfected in 1806. This workshop has 9 hand looms, operated by two canuses, and weaves the most prestigious qualities that can’t be produced on mechanical looms: brochés, chiselled velvets, brocades, and so on. This particularly meticulous fabrication is performed at the rate of a few centimetres a day, and it takes many months to obtain a few metres of these precious fabrics.

The Maison also has a manufacture with state-of-the-art mechanical looms. Capable of weaving contemporary collections, they can reproduce all types of silk to meet bespoke requests.

Liaigre became a Comité Colbert member in 2024.

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Maison Lelièvre owns the exceptional archives of Tassinari & Chatel, Lelièvre Paris and Quenin, comprising over one hundred thousand documents, some of them three hundred years old, which it carefully preserves in its “Heritage, Conservation and Archives” department. This heritage reflects an exceptional French know-how.



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With its unique expertise, heritage and know-how, Maison Lelièvre has expanded internationally, with the ultimate aim of creating a true interaction with its customers, through its showrooms in Paris, London, Dubai, Düsseldorf and Milan.