Focal’s excellence lies in a subtle balance between know-how and technology, craftsmanship and innovation, entirely dedicated to sound.

Focal’s brilliance is a matter of heritage, talent and expertise that is steadfastly uncompromising. Every day since 1979, Focal has been pushing the boundaries of music reproduction in its French workshops, breaching the frontier of traditional High-Fidelity, approaching it from a different angle. The hi-fi speaker driver and loudspeaker are at the heart of its business and innovation is a state of mind. Focal combines state-of-the-art engineering and craftsmanship to bring unique products to life, making every moment of listening a special experience, where emotion comes alive.

Combining sound performance and design, Focal’s collections cover all bases: in the home with high performance loudspeakers, in wall / in ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers, Home Cinema systems and headphones; on the go with in-car kits; when travelling with noise-cancelling wireless headphones; in the studio with monitors; or at sea with yachting solutions.

Sophisticated technologies and materials come together to elevate the listening experience.

Focal was born in Saint-Etienne, France, from the passion of one man, Jacques Mahul, a die-hard hi-fi engineer and technical writer. Over the years, the company has acquired unique expertise in manufacturing speaker drivers and loudspeakers, striving to preserve this precious heritage and expanding internationally. Four decades later, under the impetus and vision of CEO Cédrick Boutonet, the company has grown from a French manufacturer to a veritable luxury brand with global reach. With the roll out of its experiential Focal Powered by Naim stores, designed to be customer-centric with an emphasis on sharing, Focal sound has entered a new dimension.

Focal joined the Comité Colbert in 2024.


Its signature

More than just the name of Focal’s best products – Grande Utopia Evo loudspeakers, Utopia headphones, Utopia M and 1000 Series Utopia in-car kits – Utopia is a philosophy. It is the achievement of progress, the science of the most advanced technologies in acoustics, the symbol of the Focal exception.


The address

Born in Saint-Etienne, Focal is proud of its roots. Its historic site, where 350 talented individuals work alongside each other, is home to its headquarters, R&D laboratory and workshops. In its cabinet-making workshop in Burgundy, it creates the cabinets and finishes for its high-end loudspeakers.